So I’m new to this but old to Social Media.  My purpose for being here is to blog about my experiences online and get out of the 140 character limit.

I have tried turning on the /ask feature but it’s just fills my inbox with random posts and questions that I see everywhere else. 

I’m going to try to do something different here - to manage the topic of conversations.  If you follow me you must wait 2 weeks before you can reply (it’s not my rule; it’s Tumblr.)

I look forward to discussing topics.  If you follow me on other social media sites you’ll know I take everything with a bit of fun; hopefully that will continue on this site as well.

I have to get started on my first blog.

My best, Bill

sorry for inactivity

I’ve been falling asleep really early lately and i had to work overtime today so..

work is so tiring. not used to being on my feet all day and i really want a massage

ok, i updated sorta

sorry for not replying to all you lovely people, and holy shit when did i get 67 followers? last i knew i only had 60..



okay so now that i have the just of how tired I’m going to be after work (i work in a factory, fun fun, i know) i’ve decided i’m going to rotate my muses. so i’ll do a huge reply dump from one muse each day. or at least i’ll try. 

first off, kirk-james-t

so heads up to all of you who i am a reply through him. 

tagged by dammitiamadoctor

One rule: NO changing your background once you’ve been tagged! Even if its embarrassing!

I have so many folders holy shit

this is my attempt at trying to remember the date. doesn’t work with a whole bunch of windows open in front of it tho..

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